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"To Create & Inspire"


Listen to your child produce a joyful noise through songs and instruments in HCA's Music program. Students will learn fundamental skills in an introduction to the world of music.


Elementary classes produce a Christmas Program each year.  Our high school students have the opportunity to perform in a Broadway-style musical each year.

Visual Art

Design and create a masterpiece through detailed instruction and a blank canvas in Art Class. Your creativity will shine as you learn different techniques, styles, and lessons.

Worship Arts

Experience the incredible power of student-led worship during chapel. Our Worship Arts students develop leadership skills as they help the student body worship God each week with popular songs and a variety of instruments.


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K-5th Grades

Visual Arts

Creativity flows freely in elementary art classes each week!  Design, color, shapes, 2 & 3D art projects encourage students to express themselves through visual arts.

Art class is held weekly.

Performing Arts

Elementary Students take the stage 2 times each school year.  The Christmas Program and the Spring Show are highlights of each year.  Music class is held weekly.



6th-8th Grades

Visual Arts

Technical skills are a focus to more thoroughly express their God given creativity. Select work is entered into competitions at the local, regional and state level.

Performing Arts

Middle school students have the opportunity to perform in the middle school choir. 


Middle School students are encouraged to participate in both Visual Arts and Performing Arts as they discover their true interests and their God given talents.



9th - 12th Grades

High School Credits

2 years of Art is Required for Graduation from HCA.

Program Choices Include:

  • Visual Arts - Art 1 / Art 2

  • Performing Arts - Musicals /

One Act Plays

  • Yearbook 


A combination of the above may be used to total 2 years of credit.

Transfer students must check with  academic advising regarding transfer Art credits.

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